Brilliant Balocco

Written by Sporting Cars.

Sporting & Historic Cars took along a trio of Alfa Romeo Tipo33 for testing and filming with Petrolicious and Octane magazine.
An emotional reunion for Derek Bell, Arturo Merzario and Nanni Galli when reunited with their old cars. 
Derek, after his first drive in the TT12, returning to the pits, removing his helmet, proclaimed "Absolutely amazing, a f***ing fantastic car, it takes me back to the days when we drove real racing cars, just perfect!"
Arturo circled the TT12, smiling and saying "it is just like I remembered it", and wanted to drive the car for the whole 2 days.
Nanni slid into the T33/2, patting her like a long lost friend and drove off with a huge smile.
Derek spent a lot of time with the T33/TT3, really enjoying the experience and asking for a few tweaks, commenting on how good the balance and performance were, and how much fun the cars would be to race.
The sight and sound of the three cars circling Alfa Romeo's old test track (now updated as a very modern high spec test facility) was a very special moment for the cars owner and Tim Samways team.
A faultless couple of days with all the cars and a lot of laps under their belts.   
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